“There are two goals for today. One is to go three-point foiling downwind a lot more and the other one is to capsize while sending it, said the Kleenmaid skipper, “We haven’t had as many crashes as anyone else but we are definitely pushing more limits. As the boys say I am growing a bit more balls and trying to send it out there so let’s see how the next few days go.”

Despite being the lone female skipper among an eighteen-strong sailing party of the world’s best athletes, Price has competed on an even keel with the other world beaters at every regatta to date.

“On the water we are all competitors and I think the best thing about this series is that gender doesn’t play a role. We may have a few more supporters because people think it is cool a chick is out here, but for us we are just another competitor wanting to win the SuperFoiler Grand Prix,” said the Olympic silver medallist.

The stealthy Kleenmaid SuperFoiler has consistently been setting top speeds throughout the series and have also managed to claim a second place race finish in the last regatta and remain confident a break though victory isn’t far off.

“We have been labelled as the conservative boat but we have had some cool speeds but we are still looking to keep topping it,” said Price, “We are definitely here to win, I think everyone is.”

Flying the Kleenmaid flag alongside world champions Josh McKnight and Harry Morton the rambunctious trio have been christened the ‘people’s boat’

“We are for the people, by the people. We just try and keep it real and have fun while we are out there,” said Price, “We are definitely the fun boat. We are always laughing and trying to make the most of every situation that comes at us so it has been above and beyond my expectations.”

Kleenmaid will start the second day of racing on Geograph Bay just four points off the lead, and ahead of the series front runner Euroflex. There is an extended four race prgram slated for Saturday and Sunday.

The Western Australian regatta is free for spectators to watch - although VIP Hospitably packages for the solitary event on the West Coast are available with Busselton’s historic jetty hosting Leg Four of the season.

Saturday and Sunday’s racing will be livestreamed on www.superfoiler.com

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