world leading technology

The SuperFoiler is world leading technology enabling an elite racing series

High impact advertising

High impact brand advertising opportunities


business 2 business networking

National footprint for business 2 business networking opportunities, underpinned by a premium corporate entertainment service 

National television broadcast

National television broadcast and livestream agreement with the Seven Network

The Platform

Not conforming to any existing geometry, the SuperFoiler brings together aerodynamic and hydrodynamic excellence to create the fastest foilborne machine of its size on the planet.

The Design

Conceptually progressive, the SuperFoiler is designed from the foils up. Departing traditional limitations, the SuperFoiler is controlled by sophisticated electronic systems (created by a leading aerospace engineering firm) enabling the crew to adjust the pitch of the foils and thus the flight stability of the craft. The SuperFoiler platform incorporates an aerodynamic cross-section ‘wing’ to generate lift and aerodynamic efficiency. It is the fastest course racing machine of its size in the world.